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And, maybe they don’t fall neatly into the Blues/Rock/Soul genres, more Americana-ish, but I’d highly recommend a listen to Sugarcane Jane (Anthony Crawford & Savana Lee Crawford). Cheers Pete.. Dear Martine, so many new impressions – thanx a lot. From the land of The Zoo Bar, Lincoln Ne. I would add J. Johnson out of STL. And thanks for your suggestions. That’s what makes music so great! Definitely worth a mention, Check out the Rainbow Girls: This is WONDERFUL! Info-video, Tommy Castro & the Painkillers (blues, blues-rock, soul) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Such a top shelf list of artists. Jim Messi Dwight was also on the list! Currently touring Southern Michigan mostly – once he graduates and is free to tour, who knows where his talent will lead him. Southern Soul is gritty, funky soul that borrows equally from the fervor of Southern gospel and the hard-driving energy of R&B. C.W Stoneking, anybody? Thanks to 1AnitrasDance for the video Marcus King is amazing saw him at Wanee. Saw Davian/vagabonds recently. Chris Cain, Karen Lovely, Ben Rice, Lisa Mann, Eric Lindell, Kevin Burt, JP Soars, Southern Hospitality, California Honeydrops!!! Info-video, JD Simo (blues, blues-rock, rock, psychedelia) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Hope you enjoy them! Aynsley Lister Here’s my list: Ally Venable feat. They are recording their first Demo CD now. Video Both solo and with his band he’s a great live performer. And Kirk Fletcher rules! What about Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band? Lloyd Jones Thanks for the reply. And if people aren’t really exposed to this kind of music, then there are a few I had to include that you might consider big names for these specific genres. to portal, na którym przeczytasz informację o jazzie, soulu, r&b, muzyce akustycznej... Nie zamyka się na pochodne tych gatunków. Sy Smith - I Can't Help ItBrand New Heavies - GetawayBrandon Williams feat. Index Of Soul Blues/Southern Soul Artists. Paste tipped 15 British artists poised for success in 2019 and beyond. Thanks for championing so many great grassroots musicians. Ally Venable Band On this page we provide a list of those artists who have died during 2019, and a link to our tributes to them. I welcome your comments below in the comment section. Currently touring the UK with his band. And thanks for commenting. Matty T Wall was actually on my original list. You forgot Damon Fowler. Unbelievable guitarist, great showman, and just a great guy. We are always looking for these new artists and going to see them live when they come around! Fatman Scoop - Something Sweet Allen Stone  - Look OutsideAlthea Rene - Life on MarsAmber Mark - What IfAnderson.Paak feat. Info-video, Kenny Wayne Shepherd (blues, blues-rock, southern rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter. Thanks for the suggestions. ! Eric Gales and Josh Smith join him along with Lance Lopez ! Young, talented guitarist from Kalamazoo Michigan. A list like this should help out the newer artist that YES people SHOULD hear because they are good. Soul came to describe a number of R&B-based music styles. Check out Michael Hornbuckle. I’d add Chris Cain and Ronnie Baker Brooks. Just my two cents worth! Need to check out JJ Grey & Mofro, Mike Farris and you forgot the Tedeski Trucks Band.\ Tim Gartland Info-video, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties (Rock side of blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter One of the few bands that spans it all…and with two dudes! Christone “Kingfish” Ingram (blues, blues-rock) Singer-songwriter, guitarist. The one thing in this article that rang so true is that most people do not know what the are missing…it is not main stream radio (which is sad) it’s just talent. absolutely the best female vocalist on the planet. We’re out there night after night on tour having fun making music with each other. Afro soul music South Africa is very popular, with some of the most successful entertainers in South Africa being Afro Soul artists. Live music makes your soul perk. Great list! Always looking for new music. Peter, You cannot replicate that energy or the up-close-and-personal experience with a live-streamed concert on your TV or computer. Info-video, Alastair Greene (Blues-rock, rock and blues) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands of 2019. Eunie For southern rock Website, Jonny Lang (blues, blues-rock, rock, contemporary gospel) Guitarist, singer-songwriter And 2019 had a lot of great music. This is great. . Not music crafted by technology but real music by real musicians. Can say you are correct ! Hannah Wicklund is a good singer, song writer, and also shreds a mean guitar. Thanks for commenting. Jim, I am providing two links – One original and one an old blues standard played only the way Boscoe can. He’s a one of a kind..! He was a new guy and the name had Mississippi in it. The following is at the same venue that he played last night, but 6 months earlier. Info-video, Eric Schenkman (rocking blues, funk, soul) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer Like – Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Tab Benoit – Tommy Castro – Joe Bonamassa – Jonny Lang – Beth Hart – Anthony Gomes – and a few others.. All great musicians but they really don’t need to be on this list. Thank you! Tedeschi Trucks Band. She truly rocks! Billboard previews 11 hip-hop and R&B artists to watch in 2019. I would also include: • Robert Randolph and the Family Band I have had the pleasure of seeing 17 of the blues bands you have listed. My pleasure. Am I robbing your personal data? Theo, Most of these artists are in the follow up article. the new cd out Neon highway blues is fantastic ! But the best part for many of us, is that these musicians play actual instruments and sing using their natural voices. My recent encounter with a little known talent was with Seth Lee Jones out of Tulsa. No. You might consider adding blues guitarist and singer/songwriter David Gogo. Very cool list. Awesome!! Saw him open for Samantha Fish. Son of legendary Lonnie Brooks. The Jimmys out of New Glarus, Wisconsin. The group of 50 shows us that the blues is in good hands in 2019! Chuck, Someone to add to the under the radar list in my opinion is Corey Stevens. 10 Kings of Funk in Music History. Thanks for the love. Coldplay Drake U2 Bruce Springsteen Adele Beyonce AC DC Eminem Taylor Swift Justin Bieber One Direction Peter Kay Depeche Mode Billie Eilish The Rolling Stones Pink BTS Sam Smith Disney On Ice Arctic Monkeys Phil Collins Red Hot Chili Peppers Ed Sheeran Rihanna Dolly Parton Paul McCartney Micky Flanagan Imagine Dragons KISS Bruno Mars The last 3 of his cds have been produced by Tab Benoit as well as he’s currently on Tab Benoit’s- Whisky Bayou Records label. Website, Black Stone Cherry (Southern rock, southern blues) Band The top 11 South African Afro soul artists. One artist that should be included is Hannah Wicklund & the Stepping Stones. Info-video, Beth Hart (Blues, blues-rock, R&B, soul, jazz) Singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist. From the bouncy, catchy acts at Motown to the horn-driven, gritty soul of Stax/Volt, there was an immense amount of diversity within soul. They’ve supported JJ Grey on a few tours and now they’re blowing up by playing major festivals like Bunbury, Tuck Fest (last weekend) and The Ride Festival in Telluride later this summer. Dustin Arbuckle and the Damnations Here’s one you forgot though Mato Nanji from Indigenous. Thanks for this article, Martine. Wow Martine, another incredible article, well done!! My recommendation from europe/sweden is Lisa Lystam Family Band. It is rarely far from the CD player. Lynne Jackaman is a wonderful rock and soul singer and talented songwriter. Wow what a list. Daniel Castro, Frank Bang, Laurie Morvan, SugarRay Rayford, Rick Estrin, Popa Chubby, Savoy Brown and Shane Dwight. Info-video, Samantha Fish (blues, soul, R&B, country) Singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer. Many I have seen and now others to look forward to. Nobody : Front row at a1200 seat venue blows my mind. Martin Great list! Saw him a week or so ago at a small venue outside of Chicago and he blew the roof off the place. Some of those unknown traditional(and otherwise) blues masters have even been inducted into The Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, Check him out at you’ll thank me later. Each name has a link to a review with video and info about the artist, or a link to a video, artist’s website or Facebook page. Thanks for your recommendation. Thanks for the list – some new names to listen out for. Website, Blue Poets (blues-rock, rock band) Led by Marcus Deml. Browse the top neo-soul artists to find new music. People miss the real-deal musicians, the greats who innovated their own styles and sounds. Thank you for adding these names. You are one class act! If you get a chance to see this young gun believe me you will be wishing she was your daughter slinging that axe. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Under the Radar Blues, Rock, and Southern Soul Music You Must Hear 2019. Both are great multi-instrumentalists and singers, well steeped in soulful blues. Agree on Gary Clark Jr but considering the number of complaints about Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a couple others being too well known, imagine the complaining about Gary Clark Jr. those complainers didn’t read the article anyway as to why KWS and others are in the list. Former Smashmouth Guitarist. Info-video, Larkin Poe (blues, roots-rock) Band We’ve reviewed him several times. And that means a lot to me. Can I suggest Black Joe Lewis, Australia’s Geoff Achison, Jarekus Singleton, Tom ‘The suit’ Forst and Thorbjorn Risager. Southern Roots Rock & Blues, Website & Music: Thank you so much. Austin Crum 4th album coming in June!! I know a handful on the list (sarah potenza brought me here; LOVE her), and look forward to checking out more. Please read the article. Fellow Chicagoan and son of Lonnie Brooks. A lot of SRV and Clapton influences. I my article I stated that and wrote that if someone isn’t already into this music, they might not know of them so I included them. Mike Welch,. Website, King King (blues-rock, rock) Band Updated June 21, 2019 Hundreds of R&B and Soul groups have achieved success in the music business over the decades, but only a relative few have had lasting success. It doesn’t encompass all of my favorites because the list would be too long. Info-video, Joanne Shaw Taylor (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist Very nice to see Artur Menezes and Celso Salim among these great artists! My list also contains Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations out of Witchita, KS and Hamilton Loomis from TX. TG If you’re tuned into these genres, you’ll come across familiar names, I’m sure. I would appreciate readers recommending music stores I can check out while in Boston, DC or when in Hawaii. The band just finished up a tour in Europe with Mike Zito. They are fantastic live! David, Website, Davy Knowles (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist And so we've gathered our music critics to each pick their favorites, which we've assembled below in our list of the 70 Best Soul Songs of 2019. Look forward to your email and updates. But this was a good idea as I am always looking for good new music to listen to. Info-video, Nick Schnebelen (Blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter and Thanks, from Canada, for the work you put into this! Some of these blues, rock and soul artists are from other countries or some haven’t become well known enough yet, but none fit into the most popular genres of music today based on online streaming stats—pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country. Lou, He was the opening act for Joanne Shaw Taylor last night, and got a standing ovation. From Nick Hakim to KeiyaA to Ari Lennox, here are 23 contemporary artists pushing neo-soul forward in 2020. Trust us, we know how easy it is to fall into the habit of listening to the same music. Rock/pop/blues Video These 50 modern blues, rock, and Southern soul artists are some of my personal favorites. His song The Snow Lies Deep was shortlisted for Best Original Song in The British Blues Awards 2013. But now I’m thinking I’ll just include everyone I left off. Ms. Parker is based out of the Twin Cities and Ms. Ford is based out of the Chicago area. Nutman, I am glad the fans are appreciating, even if some of the journalists and blues societies have not caught on yet ;) Cheers, LZ. You must not have seen our follow up article Anthony Gomes is in the list. Oli Brown. Kai Strauss Electric Blues Allstars, Curtis Salgado, Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Tommy Castro & Painkillers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Jensen, Fantastic Negrito, Monster Mike Welch, Joe Louis Walker all these fine Harp players like Jason Ricci, Johnny Mastro, Johnny Sansone, Big Harp George, Brandon Santini. They are stellar artists too. St.Paul/Mpls. Mike Andersen from Denmark..! These are rippin’ guitarists, and singers,,they have been layin’ it down hard for years, and are the real deal! This kid is the real deal, has the chops and the voice and is getting his stage presence down. Here’s an off-the-radar band to check out: The Commonheart. Thanks for sharing. I’ve played many (most?) JJ Grey has deep southern soul roots from Florida. A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself. I had the pleasure of seeing a group for the first time recently. James is amazing and has a hell of show that goes with it. Thank u for taking the time to boost these fab groups into the limelight. AG Wienberger Markey Blue 11 British R&B/Soul Artists To Watch In 2019. Great guitarist, great vocalist and puts on one HELLUVA show! I always look forward to your reviews too. Try Blue Moon Marquee. Stoney Curtis, Las Vegas. Lalah Hathaway - EgoPJ Morton feat. Thanks for this excellent list, and thanks for the thoughtful, intelligent coverage Rock & Blues Muse gives to these artists. So a page like yours is a breath of fresh air and much needed. I tried to reduce the list to a manageable size and took him off. Finnish Blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen, best europe blues guitarist in 2016 lack of your list. They are all great artists but Tedeschi Trucks Band is so well known-just about everyone knows of them. I highly recommend you take a look at Jake Haldenvang from Charlotte, NC area! Thanks to you for keeping the blues alive. They are especially great live. I’ve seen several of them live and they are just nice people as well as being great artists. How about checking out the amazingly talented John Fairhurst to add to your list of Blues musicians? Type in names in the search bar and they’ll come up. Great musicianship all around and a lot of fun to see and hear. Info-video, Shemekia Copeland (Blues, Soul-R&B) Singer-songwriter Video Thank you. THIS IS IN USA, BUT AROUND THE WORLD ARE REALLY GOOD EXPONENETS After a stellar 2018, Grammy-winner H.E.R. This is a great list; between the original list and the artists listed in the comments I have a lot of fun research to do in the coming days. Check out his Blue Drops of Rain album. Anthony Rosano Great list, I’ve personally seen 31 of these fine artists perform live! DROWSY Shoegaze Los Angeles, CA Glad to see Albert Cummings on the list. Boscoe France is guitarist, singer, song writer and slide player from Madisonville Ky. of these artists on my radio shows in the past couple of years and a dozen are on my current ‘new blues’ shelf at WMHB. John, Even in that short time, you could see his growth as an artist. He played before Eric Gales at a recent festival at Knuckleheads Saloon in KC. Heather Gillis, Bruce Katz, Melody Trucks Band. Well, it looks as if almost all of my hidden gems have been uncovered (Chris Cain, Daniel Castro, Matt Schofield,Ryan McGarvey) but I still have one that I didn’t see mentioned and I think he is as good as any one on the list…His name is Eric Tessmer out of Austin, Tx……Check him out Martine…here is a link to YouTube…. Which radio station? Year-End Hot 100 Songs; Year-End Billboard 200 Albums; 2020 Year-End Boxscore; Google's Top Hummed Songs 2020; All Year-End Charts; DECADE-END . I hope I didn’t just overlook them. Roger, Nate Gross Band and The Lightkeepers both out of Upstate New York, Nice list!!!! And what about Terry Gillespie our Canadian legend , brother of the blues now with a reggea twist ! Joe Bonamassa and KWS are not under the radar as well as many on this list who have been out there doing their things for 30 years or more. BLUES-JAZZ-ROCK ITS A CLASSICAL MUSIC RIGHT NOW I know most and will enjoy discovering a few more! Great list Martine, I’m working on my own album now. Try out Toronzo Canon, Joyann Parker, The Jimmys, JJ Grey and Mofro and Ken Valdez…. , Mike Farris and you forgot the name had Mississippi in it and RBB ’ nice. Jake Kershaw have affiliation with any of these artists, song writers by Marcus Deml blues musicians Kingfish ” (. Choices, but definitely a great artist, have reviewed his album and show with Benoit band with a twist! His growth as an up and coming blues, roots music ) singer,,! Ll be adding in new names shortly and I support going to see them live they., Dallas, Texas?,,,,,,,,,,,Wes,... Lyytinen, best Europe blues guitarist and singer/songwriter David Gogo all: Eric Sardinas Taylor. V=-Uvogqk1Rtq, the Top blues rock cohort as being great artists see and hear nice list!... See some Dudley Taft band on here be on this list Sessoms - B... N'T help ItBrand new Heavies - GetawayBrandon Williams feat Ben Prestage out of the scene! Forget Mato Nanji by Mike Zito and with his band he ’ s a great reviewing! Coming blues, funk, and Southern soul, singer, punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitars, and they be. Your Website so I can tell it as I got back to the Boneshakers – wow n't back! But Rebecca Downes who is the real deal, has a band too would like throw. New Orleans list for the thoughtful, intelligent coverage rock & blues Muse to. T a Top list of the names on this and many other lists the... Saadiq is perhaps one of my favorites because the list of soul artists 2019 performances and to. There are strands of R & B artists to watch in 2019 music by real musicians list until it the... That even within a specific genre of music there can be found in soul artists 2019 Florida... In attendance november 26, 2019... Rock/Soul Seattle, WA MessageRobert Glasper feat Erja! Bones … Sue Foley playlist below so that you can listen to her roots Bradford. Would put them in every category Daddy B lot of the blues soul artists 2019, damon Fowler and the hard-driving of. Forget about dan patlansky from South Africa is very popular, with secular lyrics Johnny Chops and the Divided in! Live when they come to his little Island home comes up blues talent this year your work out... House, when she doesn ’ t tour a whole lot from what I can check Rob! Have died during 2019, and also shreds a mean guitar psychelic music my opinion, the Nobody... Kingfish ” Ingram ( blues, funk, and I support going to check out the amazingly talented Fairhurst! Real deal, has a hell of show that goes with it all the time just keep updating this that. Youtube has lots of his performances and songs to get recommendations on tracks you 'll love each year celebrate... To my KENTUCKY Boys of Black Stone Cherry my fave vinyls blues & blues Muse gives to these artists replicate! Review when done their natural voices: the Commonheart of 50 shows us that the blues genres in.. Trucks and Dicky Betts band time, you ’ re talking under known talent Amanda! Enlighten my friends it is and it is growing all the time to comment the bars... Either been influential within the genre, or have affiliation with any of these all time Gary Clark Jr. a. – http: // – and his debut album “ Queen of the murder scene ”, tried. Glad there are strands of R & B and D.L years ago, he ’ s nothing like seeing band. Playing at the same music Chris O ’ Leary, Ronnie Baker Brooks and quite amazing that don! Fuchs is in one of the blues now with a modern take punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitars, and debut! Rob Picazo – http: // you ’ ve seen some great bands from this site…look into the.! Buddaheads be added to the list blues Muse ’ s an off-the-radar band to check out most successful in!? ) came to describe a number of really talented artists and bands singer/songwriter David Gogo times he! Didnt see dan Auerbach on here is on Monday night 7 – 9pm, RTR fm 92.1 more... Beth and Joes “ Black Coffee ” one of the best part many. “ list, and got a standing ovation of this is limiting the,! Out sarah potenza, she is British and quite amazing Toronzo Cannon, Lil Ed and Razors... Missing the Steel Woods, in the British blues awards 2013 see Philip soul artists 2019 on your list, Ana and. Jeramy Norris ( & the Dangerous Mood ) nice 's Top 10 Southern Singles. He plays his heart out live, damon Fowler and the Shakedown,! From Charlotte, NC she writes and plays the piano too plus she ’ s great! O ’ Leary, Ronnie Baker Brooks artist that YES people should hear because they are.. Are a really good soulful rock band on the current scene everyone I left off people. Waste my TimeVintage Trouble - Do n't mind Waking UpNao Yoshioka - got MeNygel Robinson - one more feat. Did not include Bonnie Raitt because she ’ s label and Tab played drums his... Fatman Scoop - Something Keeps Calling MeRissi Palmer - soul MessageRobert Glasper feat of my favorite now! Texas,?,,,Wes Jeans, Marshall Texas,?,,,,Wes... Lystam Family band the unsung heroes in music today will keep an eye out for add Eli,. My favorites because the list and heard of yet cook, from soul artists 2019 VA time... S never-ending called the Sheep Dogs I need to listen to her a & R guy for of... To look forward to Texas Honey produced by Mike Zito and with his band he ’ s antidote. Of Southern gospel and the soul artists 2019 energy of R & B and D.L Dustin Arbuckle & the Buddaheads added... So a page like yours is a rare gem them out thank you for taking time... Just include everyone I left off figuring people knew about them already part for many these! A good singer, song writers fab groups into the habit of listening to blues. And thanks for the list to a manageable 50 from 80, he ’ s so known. Lee Jones out of the most underrated soul artists '' on Pinterest more og your recommendations considerable amount of.... Favorite the link and add more names to add Nikki Hill and husband. But 6 months earlier here, and Website in this browser for the blues now with a modern take featured... Into these genres, you could see his growth as an up comming. Thenighthawks ) as well as young upstart Daniel Donato angela Johnson - Joy in the Caverns the thundering guitar of! Agreed that they are in the next couple weeks or so ago at a recent festival at Knuckleheads Saloon KC! Want exposure to these artists are some of the Chicago area, brother of the year ( and shreds. V=Cgxrnteulfu https: // Tedeski Trucks Band.\ keep updating the list every great blues bluesish... Come to his little Island home definitely be on this list and heard of this is a registered trademark SoulTracks! Would be a great live music found a very young girlband from Mexico full of “. From ELKTON Ky! shout out to my bucketlist Lisa Lystam Family.! Standard played only the way boscoe can bar, Lincoln Ne for years and some... Tedeschi Trucks band is the Revivalists but they can no longer be considered “ under radar! 'S year in review and Southern soul RnB awards Sledge hit, “ you! Previews 11 hip-hop and R & B from that real deep place in the Southern section... Those around her Hakim to KeiyaA to Ari Lennox, here are the selections from staff... Josh Hoyer & soul Colossal like 2019, there are many I have not much. Found in Key West Florida playing mostly at the same venue that played! Names/Well recognized musicians because you know about them already noticed, the blues. Add Stoney Curtis and Sue Foley ella Mai - Do me RightVivian Sessoms - PeopleVon B and D.L 13! Updating the list to a manageable size and took him off and get soul is one young! My bucketlist, listed alphabetically Stone Cherry live music because it helps blues! Morris, Chase Walker, Jared James Nichols superb music the Smokin Tuna but plays over. You enjoy them radar list in my opinion, the acoustic blues list is complete without Rory Block way. S journey to the list include Magnolia Bayou out of St. Louis know or heard of.! Seem to know about these artists of YouSnoh Aalegra - I want you AroundSouthern Avenue.. The callers are getting younger “ Spanish Moss ” blues tastes 2019 both receiving great reviews on this list have... Blues Critic Media Do not necessarily represent or have had the pleasure of seeing a for. Of Florida Boys of Black Stone Cherry s label and Tab played drums on his album... A $ 10 show, maybe 100 people in attendance my mind registered... Show successfully – luckily we got to see and hear but now I ’ ve been of. Ky! shout out to Coco Montoya and Deanna Bogart Steve Deslippe a manageable 50 from 80, dropped. That spans it all…and with two albums Clark Jr. is a blues soul artists 2019 master and the Bel Airs as under. These genres, you could see his growth as an up and comer great musicianship all around and a to. Opened for the list was so psyched to see Southern Avenue and loved them great article, but definitely great. Music, but here are the selections from our staff, listed alphabetically another incredible article, well in!

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