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Prostrate to semi-erect herb. Follow. Southern America. While the true Red Parrot Plant may no longer be in actual cultivation, this cultivar from Dale Huddleson sports coppery green flame leaves with red tones;.. Our horticulture team at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is working on a new vertical wall idea for the summer of 2014. Alternanthera ficoidea. - 1 ft. 0 in. Flower colour; life form. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. To. Foliage Color: Unknown - Tell us. We acknowledge Australian Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islander People as the first inhabitants of the nation, and acknowledge Traditional Owners of the lands where our staff and students live, learn and work. Classifications < > Search. Cette version miniature de l'Alternanthera Reineckii est caractérisée par une croissance lente et compacte. Central America. - 1 ft. 6 in. Best planted en-masse where they will make the most of their good colour and ground-hugging shape. Whole Plant Traits: Plant Type: Annual Herbaceous Perennial Houseplant Perennial A. ficoidea ‘Red Threads’ is a slender-leaved perennial selection that doesn’t wander, forming a textured carpet in shades of deep burgundy. Stems often bent at nodes, leaves opposite. Zone: Tropical 10-11 - grown as an annual. Common names are from state and federal lists. Alternanthera Species: ficoidea Family: Ameranthaceae Life Cycle: Annual Perennial Recommended Propagation Strategy: Seed Stem Cutting Country Or Region Of Origin: Mexico, South America Dimensions: Height: 0 ft. 6 in. It is native from Mexico to Argentina. No vernacular applications. En pleine terre, plantez vos Alternanthera dans un sol préalablement préparé, souple sans matières grossières. Ajoutez un peu de terreau universel avant d'installer chaque plante. Foliage: Grown for foliage. Alternanthera ficoidea is grown exclusively for its beautiful variegated foliage that comes in a wide range of attractive shades, shapes and forms. Species plants have elliptic to broad ovate green leaves (to 1” long). Common name(s) Joyweed, Joseph’s Coat. Perianth parts in 5, white papery. Gomphrena ficoidea 'True Yellow', Alternanthera tenella 'True Yellow' Common Name: True Yellow Calico Plant: Explore more topics. Nursery stock - Plants NPPO details: Ministry of Primary Industries . Courier delivery NZ wide. However it is the brightly colored cultivars that have become the popular garden plants, featuring green leaves blotched with yellow, orange, red, brown, copper or purple, sometimes with red veining. Alternanthera ficoidea, Flowers white. Alternanthera ficoidea 'Tricolor' DESCRIPTION: Tricolour is a dwarf evergreen ground cover which grows quickly, the multi coloured foliage with shades of pink, bronze, red and green. Perianth parts in 5, white papery. Width: 1 ft. 0 in. Alternanthera ficoidea Linn. Growing information and photos of the Louisiana Super Plant, Little Ruby alternanthera. Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) Sm. reward gardeners with their interesting foliage. Carlia foliorum), Rhinella marina (syn. Format. Description. Lakeland Yard and Garden | Lakeland Yard Garden Center is Mississippi's largest retail nursery. Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads' all-ter-NAN-ther-ah fih-KOY-dee-ah. Seldom flowers unless grown as a houseplant or in a greenhouse. Sun Exposure: Full Shade . Noxious Weed Information; This plant is listed by the U.S. federal government or a state. Livrée en pot in-vitro. area IBRA 7 Regions IBRA 7 Subregions IMCRA 4 Regions IMCRA Meso-scale Bioregions NZ ecological districts NZ land districts NZ provinces National Dynamic Land Cover Vegetation types - pre-1750 Vegetation types - extant Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries NRM Regions 2010 Species habitats Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Alternanthera is a …. Red Plants Short Plants Colorful Plants Foliage Plants Exotic Plants Tropical … Country States including coastal waters Elevation Minimum elevation (in metres) AUS Local gov. It blooms on and off all year, but you may never notice. Kingdom. Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Leeward Is., Puerto Rico, Trinidad-Tobago, Windward Is. Mnemonic i-Taxon identifier i: 326744: Scientific name i: Alternanthera ficoidea: Taxonomy navigation › Alternanthera. Flowers white. Prev Next List. Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P. Beauv. Ce genre comprend 80 espèces d'annuelles, de vivaces et quelques espèces aquatiques*, originaires de l'Asie, de l'Afrique, des Amériques (majoritairement) et de l'Australie en zones tropicale et subtropicale, dont 3 espèces dans les îles … Someone mentioned Sedum ‘Angelina,’ another idea was Lysmachia nummularia ‘Aurea,’ and then I remembered Joseph’s Coat or Alternanthera ficoidea. for its non-stop vibrant and appealing colours. Find 150mm Alternanthera Little Ruby - Alternanthera dentata at Bunnings Warehouse. Many cultivars with color variegation ranging from green, purple, yellow and red. Height: 6-12 in. Share. Ce qui est mini dans cette plante et non la hauteur mais la taille des feuilles. Flowers in clusters. Alternanthera Reineckii, buy here online here at New Zealand's online aquatic plants store. Additional information. Discover Nature at JCU Common name: Joseph’s coat, Calico plant. Chaunus), Division of Tropical Environments and Societies, Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, Office of the Vice Chancellor and President, Queensland Research Centre for Peripheral Vascular Disease, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, Bachelor of Engineering / Science (Honours), Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing Science [Pre-Registration], Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours), Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours), Master of Conflict Management & Resolution, Graduate Certificate of Conflict Management & Resolution, Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Business & Environmental Science, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in Business Studies, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in Engineering and Applied Science, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in General Studies, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in Health, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in Information Technology, Diploma of Higher Education Majoring in Science, Diploma of Higher Education, Majoring in Society and Culture, Get Into University Courses with a Low ATAR. Family: Amaranthaceae. Name; Classifications and Characteristics; Landscaping Features; Plant Care and Propagation; Foliar; Image Repository; Others; What's New: Name. NZ : Nuova Zelanda / New Zealand / Nouvelle-Zélande: Him : Himalaya: S-Afr : Sud Africa (Regione del Capo) / South Africa (Cape Region) / Afrique du Sud (Région du Cap) It : Italia / Italy / Italie: S-Amer : America meridionale / South America / Amerique du Sud: Jp : Giappone / Japan / Japon: Trop : Tropicale / Tropical / Tropical: Legenda. Elseya latisternum), Lygisaurus foliorium (syn. Flowers in clusters. Outdoors, low-growing varieties of alternanthera are useful as an edging plant next to sidewalks, pathways, or the front of the border. Prostrate to semi-erect herb. Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P.Beauv. NB : son nom Alternanthera vient du latin alternus' qui signifie alterne et de 'anthera' qui désigne l'anthère, son nom spécifique ficoidea ficoïdées, donné pour synonyme de ficoïde. Bufo, syn. Alternanthera ficoidea. Elle est particulièrement adapté pour les petits aquariums comme les nano aquariums ou en tant que plante de premier plan dans les grands aquascapes. Agriculture Technology and Adoption Centre, Association of Australian University Secretaries, Australian Quantum & Classical Transport Physics Group, Centre for Tropical Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology, Choosing Plants for Areas Prone to Cyclones, Reptiles and amphibians by scientific name, Wollumbinia latisternum (syn. Category: Annuals. Flowering creamy pompom like flowers in Spring. NQ Weeds by scientific name A-P Alternanthera is a large genus of 200 species of bushy annuals and perennials that are grown mainly for their attractive colorful leaves, which are opposite, often toothed, and variable in size. A heirloom plant since the Victorian era and now popularly grown throughout the world as landscape plants or carpet-bedders in home gardens, botanical gardens and parks, etc. New Zealand (NZ) Alternanthera spp. Plants USES: Tropical gardens for those warm and soft colours.Hedges, borders and mass planting ground cover, or for colour contrasting. Deep rooted, stems often break off at the nodes. Identifying characteristics: Bright red/orange to purple foliage. A single plant makes a mound about 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P.Beauv. No extra charge for rural! National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kalaheo, Kauaˋi, Hawaiˋi. How to Cut Back & Care for the Alternanthera Plant. We are committed to making your garden grow! Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Alternanthera ficoidea is an easy to grow, low and fast-growing ground cover with variably coloured foliage that is attractive throughout the year. Alternanthera amoena f. rosea Voss Alternanthera amoena f. sessilis Voss Alternanthera amoena f. spectabilis Voss Alternanthera amoena f. typica Voss Alternanthera articulata Stützer Alternanthera articulata f. capitellata O.Stützer Alternanthera articulata f. capitulifera O.Stützer Homonyms Alternanthera ficoidea var. This plant has no children Legal Status. Distinguishing features. Phylum. It is a widespread genus with most species occurring in the tropical Americas, and others in Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is locally known as Kutcharitas because its leaves have … Alternanthera ficoidea. Amaranthaceae. is an interesting plant; its small white blossoms appear plain and simple against its fancy colored foliage. Alternanthera is a large genus of 200 species of bushy annuals and perennials that are grown mainly for their attractive colorful leaves, which are opposite, often toothed, and variable in size. Plants of the genus may be known generally as joyweeds, or Joseph's … Native to the neotropics; elsewhere cultivated as ornamental plant and naturalized. According To NZFLORA (2012-) New Zealand Plant Names - Name based concepts Subordinate Taxon Concept Full Name Alternanthera nahui Heenan & de Lange According To NZFLORA (2012-) New Zealand Plant Names - Name based concepts Subordinate Taxon Concept Full Name Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Alternanthera ficoidea is an evergreen, herbaceous perennial plant growing from 15 - 30cm tall and spreading to form a mat of growth 45cm wide or more 352 Title Alternanthera is a genus of flowering plants in the family Amaranthaceae. Il s'agit d'une espèce peu demandeuse au départ, mais qu'il faut fertiliser par la suite afin de conserver l'éclat du feuillage. Sep 15, 2019 - Alternanthera ficoidea growing instruction & requirement Alternanthera ficoidea info: climate, zone, growth speed, water, light, planting season & colors Culture and use notes: Use in containers or as colored foliage in an annual or mixed bed. (In use by NZOR) Taxon Concept NZOR Concept Id cf6ab93c-6ef8-4054-b93d-7a0e1e87f17e According to W.R. Sykes 2016: Flora of the Cook Islands. Stems often bent at nodes, leaves opposite. It does produce small white flowers on very short stalks, but these are relatively insignificant. Family: Amaranthaceae: Genus: Alternanthera (al-ter-NANTH-ur-uh) Species: ficoidea (fy-KOY-dee-uh) Cultivar: Grenadine: One member has or wants this plant for trade. 0. Presl > Amaranthaceae > Alternanthera > Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P. Beauv. No subordinate taxa. … Taxonomy - Alternanthera ficoidea (SPECIES) ))) Map to UniProtKB (22) Unreviewed (22) TrEMBL. Class. Please enter your feedback regarding the status of this name in New Zealand. A fast-growing ornamental groundcover plant Growing to about 30 cm, features burgundy-coloured, pointed foliage with a radiant ruby red rearwards and it has a compact, mounding and spreading habit. – sanguinaria Subordinate Taxa. Today, we were brainstorming which plants to use in the vertical panels. Taller varieties are fun mixed in the middle of the border where their colorful foliage adds playful hues without flowers. Their compact size and bright color also makes varieties of alternanthera excellent choices for container gardens. Alternanthera plants (Alternanthera spp.) CN: [Malay and regional vernacular names - Krokot], Parrotleaf, Sanguinarea, Calico plant, Joseph's coat. Terminal (leaf) node. Subject. Nicaragua, Paraguay; Caribbean. Relevant web addresses: ... Alternanthera ficoidea: Alternanthera pungens: Alternanthera roseacefolia: Alternanthera sessilis: Alternanthera versicolor: Consignments are to be free from pests, soil, weed seeds, contaminants and extraneous material. Alternanthera ficoidea is a low-growing plant that typically grows on erect to procumbent stems to 6-12” tall. Deep rooted, stems often break off at the nodes.

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